Saint Anthony Society
New Castle, Delaware
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In our desire to continue our traditional cultural happenings, we will strive to maintain, schedule and celebrate our old country Italian customs.
Welcome to St. Anthony Society - New Castle, Delaware 
                                                 November 2016
This website was created for and is devoted to St. Anthony Society, however, in it's creation we felt obligated to include some history of our ancestors settling here and our Italian community as it grew - see the Archives page.  Shawtown page is just for fun.  Please send us corrections.                                                
    St. Anthony Society
    Guido DeAscanis    President
   Henry Gambacorta Vice President
Chris DeAscanis  Assist VP
    Alexander Alvini     Secretary
     Daniel Susi       Treasurer
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Our most significant events

St. Anthony Day Celebration
Proceeds benefit St. Peter's Church

Palm Sunday Communion Breakfast

St. Joseph Wine Festival

Spaghetti Dinner during Christmas Bazaar
Proceeds benefit St. Peter's Church


  The Formation of St. Anthony Society

The Italian community of New Castle was not organized into any type of organization until the formation of the St. Anthony’s Society in 1932 and the St. Anthony’s Club in 1933. The men would come together and deputize a committee to serve the needs of the community as these needs presented themselves.

Prior to the formation of the society, these men were brought together for the celebration of St. Anthony’s Day and St. Joseph’s Day.

Father Edward Lienhouser saw the need to organize this group and the Society was formed in 1932 to take over the celebration of these feasts as well as other customs carried on by the community.

The co organizers and first officers of St. Anthony’s Society were Vincent Coccia President, Guido DeAscanis SR. Vice President, Pierino Pierantozzi Secretary, and Luigi Marcozzi Treasurer. It was an officially recognized parish organization.

Meetings were held monthly as well as monthly attendance at Mass and Communion in a body. On the Sunday before Christmas and on Palm Sunday, the Communion breakfast followed the corporate monthly Mass and Communion. World War 11 brought a halt to the monthly attendance of Mass in a body, but the custom of Christmas and Easter Communion continued.

Whereas in the beginning, it was strictly a men only function, today the entire family attends the Mass and Communion and the Breakfast. A guest speaker is featured and an annual award to a deserving member of the Italian Community has been added.

10 WEEK CLUB WINNERS are posted on Fundraisers Page  

Italian Spaghetti Dinner at St. Peters

Prepared by St. Anthony Society

Enjoy a great spaghetti meal for 10 bucks. Come at anytime between 12 Noon and 6PM - have a seat and you will be served, or come and get a couple dinners to go.

 Italian Spaghetti Dinner

Sunday December 4, 2016   12:00 – 6:00 PM

St. Peters Gym building – Cafeteria downstairs

5th &Harmony New Castle

Adults $10 Children$5.00


Upstairs in the Gym is the Christmas Bazaar which runs for 2 days.

Saturday December 3     8 AM-4PM

Sunday December 4       9 AM-4PM

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